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motor bike rental in pakistan

Why Tourists Should Have Bike Rental Services in Pakistan?

PakistanBikers can bring Pakistan Bike rental into the 21st century. Here is good news for the travel “industry. Travelers want authenticity and individuality – not merchandise; one size fits all holidays. Technology has widened the vision for travelers and given them access to the world.
Bike rental shops can capitalize on this trend by providing travelers with local transportation. With some insight, you can take your rentals a step further.
Pakistan Bikers allows you to rent bikes to people booking online and allows you to visit the most fantastic place in Pakistan without any difficulty.  Pakistan Bikers, making it easier to decide which bikes are the most profitable for your next venture.
If you are planning a trip with your loved one or a new solo venture to your favorite destination. Here are the top reasons why you should hire a bike in Pakistan. 

Reasons for Bike Rental in Pakistan for Pakistan Bikers

Real experience

One of the biggest recent booms in travel has been the emergence of “experiential travel,” and it’s growing rapidly. It is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a place by connecting with its history, people, and culture. The latest figures clearly show that people prioritize spending on experiences over material goods. Health, wellness, culture, events, travel, and tourism are more important than clothing, electronics, cars, and homes. 

You can include typical bikes for your area in your bike inventory, give customers tips on local events, markets, routes, attractions, etc., and include typical accessories in your rentals like market trolleys, child seats, or trailers. 

Bike rental for the money

Remember, cheap does not equal value for money. Customers often pay more if they feel it adds value to their experience. You can easily add value with our excellent bike rental customer service. Experiment with pricing to see what works for you. You can start with a higher price and then offer discounts: early booking deals, events, flyer distribution/site presence when business is slow, etc.

With PakistanBikers, you can easily change and manage prices, even for multiple bikes simultaneously. Pakistan Bikers Online Booking uses your real-time prices and displays prices for the booking duration so customers can see the total price when they book. You can easily manage and use discount codes.

Save your time and put Pakistan Bikers in charge so our team can provide the best experience of your lifetime. You can allow renting an upgraded bike in no time.

Easy to do business, good at communication

Travelers spend a lot of time researching, comparing, and organizing their travel arrangements online and want to spend only what is needed. Travel planning can be complex and time-sensitive, so timely communication is critical to satisfying your clients. The daily rental fee includes booking confirmations, pickup and delivery details, and any changes. When handing over a bike, ensure your customer understands any necessary information to ensure their experience is as positive as possible.

Because prompt and timely communication is critical, PakistanBikers sends the upgraded bike with the complete required information. Rent a bike in Pakistan now.

Easy to get on the road

Customers want to be up and running as quickly as possible; they want to pick up their bikes and save time on paperwork. Impress your partners by having the top-notch bikes ready on arrival, and you can also request details when booking. Know your height, weight, pedaling preferences, and more. 

Get your bike accessories on sale and ready to go when you pre-order. If your shop is in a different location, use the PakistanBikers delivery program to get bikes and make them super convenient. It also makes it easier to have your bike spare bike delivered if you order it with a Pakistan Bikers shop online.

Customer experience and reliability

When choosing a service provider, reading customer reviews is now part of travel and vacation planning, and this also applies to bike rentals. Customers are concerned that they will receive the bikes they ordered and be safe to use. This is especially important for groups and families as they need everyone in the group to be happy with their rent. Not only do we want to make sure your bike runs well for every rider, but we also provide excellent customer service.

Transparency in pricing and availability of bike rental

Today’s travel experience vastly differs from a few years ago. Mobile computing, mapping applications, recommendation engines, social media, and digital payments are revolutionizing the traveler’s journey.

The ability to access real-time availability and pricing information means travelers can spend less time searching and completing bookings faster. Pakistan Bikers has changed the regular rental programs in Pakistan; now, you can have bikes for rent at the most affordable prices.  

List Of Our Top Bikes Available For Rental In Pakistan 2023


  • TYPE: Touring
  • CAPACITY: 150cc
  • FUEL AVG: 40Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 13 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 766 mm

GC 150

  • TYPE: Touring
  • CAPACITY: 150cc
  • FUEL AVG: 37Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 15 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 790 mm


  • TYPE: Touring
  • CAPACITY: 250cc
  • FUEL AVG: 25Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 13 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 110 mm

RX3 250

  • TYPE: Touring
  • CAPACITY 250cc
  • FUEL AVG 25Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 16 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 795 mm


  • TYPE: Touring
  • CAPACITY: 250cc
  • FUEL AVG: 35Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 16 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 790 mm


  • TYPE Touring
  • CAPACITY: 125cc
  • FUEL AVG: 25Km/Liter
  • FUEL TANK: 9.2 Liter
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 764 mm

Rent Your Bike Today With Pakistan Bikers 

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