Pakistan Bikers blogs Best Touring Bikes in Pakistan in 2023

Best Touring Bikes in Pakistan in 2023


best touring bikes in pakistan

Complete Guide of the Top 7 best Touring Bikes in Pakistan in 2023

The market is loaded with a significant number of bikes, releasing new models every other day. However, have you ever considered long drives on bikes? Ponder about traveling to northern areas on the bikes whilst the cold nip of the air pierces through you. Sometimes is that period when a majority of people make plans for traveling to northern areas and what excites them the most is the ride on the bike. However, this dream of yours cannot be completed if you consider normal bikes to go on a tour. Nevertheless, fret no more because here we will discuss the Best Touring bikes in Pakistan.

Touring Bikes in Pakistan 

Here is a list of the most popular bikes among tourists. The reputation of these bikes has brought them to the top of every list including their Speed, Benefits, Grip and Petrol cost.

  1. Road Prince RX3 250CC   
  2. Yamaha YBR 12 SCG
  3. Benelli TRK 251
  4. Honda CB 150F
  5. Suzuki GR 150
  6. Derbi ETX 150
  7. Suzuki GS 150 SE 

Road Prince RX3 250CC   

With a powerful 250CC engine, Road Prince is another valuable addition to the touring bikes in Pakistan. The engine produces 24.5 hp at 9000 rpm, and 22.5 N.m torque at 7000 rpm. This bike has all the top accessories from side boxes, and top boxes to lock and it is suitable for off-road traveling. 

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Latest Models and Prices Road Prince RX3 250CC, 922,000 PKR 

Speed 130-140 KM per hour

Color Black, Red, Yellow

Starting Electric 

Petrol capacity 16 liters 

Dimension 2130 x 1260 x 1400 mm

Engine 4-Stroke, liquid cool. 

Yamaha YBR 125 CG

Lately, Yamaha YBR 125 CG has gained popularity among tourists due to its sportier and tail appearance. Among the best touring bikes in pakistan this bike has been taken to China’s borders near Karakoram mountains. Due to its fuel capacity, tourists prefer this bike for their long travel tours.   



Latest Models and Prices Yamaha YBR 125, 439,000 PKR

Speed 70 MPH

Color Matt dark gray, Matt orange, and Metallic black. 

Starting self-starter, kick start 

Petrol capacity 13.0 liters

Dimension 1990 x 745 x 1080 mm

Engine 4-Stroke, Air cooled, SOHC 

Benelli TRK 251

Benelli TRK 251 is at the top of the list of best bikes for tourism. Due to its powerful 500cc engine and perfect tail look, it is highly demanded by tourists. It is the perfect choice for long drives.



Latest Models and Prices Benelli TRK 502X, 2,230,000 PKR 

Speed 160 KMPH

Color White, Grey, Green, Yellow, Black.

Starting Self-start

Petrol capacity 18 liters

Dimension 2070 x 800 x 170 mm

Engine 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 8-valve

Honda CB 150F

Tourists consider Honda CB 150F as the most durable and better quality bike. It has a unique and attractive shape that drags attention when on the road. Moreover, it is one of the most popular bikes for tourism out there. 



Latest Models and Prices 

Speed 140 KMPH

Color Black, Yellow, White, and Red.

Starting Self-start, Kickstart 

Petrol capacity 12.3 liters 

Dimension 2043 x 742 x 1095 mm

Engine 4-stroke, OHV Air cool.

Suzuki GR 150

Suzuki GR 150 is well known among literally everyone. This one is an imported model introduced by Suzuki Pakistan. This bike carries a sporty appearance, an efficient engine, and other modern features. 



Latest Models and Prices Suzuki GR 150, 521,000 PKR

Speed 110 to 120 KMPH

Color Black and Red

Starting Electric and Kick 

Petrol capacity 12.5 liters 

Dimension 2055 x 750 x 1075 mm 

Engine 4-Stroke, Air cool.

Derbi ETX 150

This bike also comes among the dream bikes for tourism due to its remarkable specs and features. It is suitable for off-road and long touring. Derbi has a tail look and a perfect body shape. 



Latest Models and Prices Derbi ETX 150, 460,000 PKR

Speed 125 KMPH 

Color White, Red, and Black

Starting Electric only 

Petrol capacity 18 Liters 

Dimension 2000 x 760 x 1040 mm

Engine 4-Stroke, single cylinder, Air cool.

Suzuki GS 150 SE 

This bike has been so popular among people since the very start and it is also considered as the best bike for extended touring. It fits every speed, whether you want for long tours or typical rides. The main reason why people consider this bike is the cheap parts that make it cost-effective. 



Latest Models and Prices Suzuki GS 150 SE, 364,000 PKR 

Speed 125 KMPH

Color Black, Red

Starting Electric, Kick

Petrol capacity 12.0 liters 

Dimension 2005 x 785 x 1065 mm

Engine 4-Stroke, Air cool. OHC 

Final Say

In conclusion, we will say that not every bike is designed to be taken on tours. The touring motorbikes in Pakistan are especially modelized to be taken on mountains and long drives. They are purposely made to be durable, comfortable, and stable whilst carrying lots of gear on long-term tours. Furthermore, tour bikes are heavier, stronger, and more robust than average road bikes which makes them relevant to be taken on mountains, however, it is hard to differentiate the appearance with the naked eye. Road bikes are agile and fast with light weight which is why no one will and should consider road bikes for tours. 

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